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Adopting a child

5 Creative Ways to Share Your Child’s Adoption Story with Them

Adopting a child is a life-changing experience for everyone involved. While you may be overjoyed to have the child in your life, you may also have tons of questions. One of the most common concerns that parents have is how to share the child’s adoption story.

Since most adoptions are now “open,” which means that the history of the child’s relationship with the birth parents can be explored, telling your new addition their story is essential. Failing to do so can cause a rift between you and the child.

Withholding this information can also have a negative psychological effect that may follow them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, telling a child their adoption story is vital.

In order to make this process easier, we have outlined 5 creative ways that you can begin to share your child’s adoption story with them.

  • Start Reading Your Child Books About Adoption

There are quite a few children’s books that address the topic of adoption. As you plan to read books to your child, incorporate a few of these stories into your routine. That way, the idea of adoption will not be foreign to them when you decide to share their full story.

  • Check Out Different Organizations and Resources

There are several groups that provide resources to the parents of adopted children. These organizations can give you tips for breaking the news to your child. This can be especially useful if your child is older and you are concerned about how they will take the news.

You can discuss your child’s unique situation with staff members and come up with a strategy that will help your child to process the news.

  • Begin While They Are Young

If you want to avoid placing undue mental stress on your child, you should start using adoption language while they are still very young. If your child came into your life as an infant, speaking about their adoption before they are able to comprehend will help you to feel comfortable sharing additional details over time.

When you share the child’s story early on, you will already be accustomed to using adoption language and they will grow up hearing it. You can even put a picture of the birth parents near their crib and share the adoption story as they fall asleep.

  • Maintain Open Communication

As your child gets older, they will likely have questions about their adoption story. By discussing it early in their life, you can explain more details about the process as they age.

Some children may stop asking about the adoption altogether. It is important that you discuss the adoption in accordance with their comfort level while also letting them know that they can ask questions whenever they’d like to.

  • Don’t Be Dishonest, But Use Age-Appropriate Terms

Many adoption stories can be a bit complicated. Some of the details may even be hurtful to the child.

While you should never lie to your child about their adoption story, it is okay to omit certain aspects of it until they are older. Instead of providing misleading information when they ask a deep question, gently redirect them.

If you are considering an open adoption or have already completed the process, it is important that you take steps to protect your child. The best approach is to consult with an experienced family law attorney like those at The Gucciardo Law Firm, PLLC.

We can help you navigate the complex adoption process and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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