Are There Ways To Increase Your Chance Of Winning Custody In A Michigan Divorce

Are There Ways to Increase Your Chance of Winning Custody in a Michigan Divorce?

As a parent, you want to be with your children as much as possible, watching them grow and guiding them through life so they can become smart, caring, and capable adults.  However, your spouse likely feels exactly the same way, and this can set the stage for a contentious custody battle.  What can you do to increase your odds of winning custody in a Michigan divorce?

Be Transparent

First and foremost, don’t ever try to hide anything from the courts.  Being open and honest will go a long way toward showing that you are reliable and trustworthy, and that you have the best interests of your kids at heart.

If you have a drink once in a while, don’t lie – your ex could show photos and paint you as an alcoholic, making you look even worse.  Don’t try to conceal assets to avoid paying alimony or child support.  Be up-front about your parenting philosophy and prove that you love your kids enough to put significant thought into their upbringing.

Work with Your Ex

Child custody arrangements can be stressful for everyone involved, and you want to show that you can make it easier on your kids by cooperating with your ex and trying to remain flexible.  If you make unreasonable demands, behave in an antagonistic manner, and nitpick every detail of the custody arrangement, you’re not going to endear yourself to the courts.

Keep Your Business Private

In this day and age, it’s not easy to keep your life off social media, but if at all possible, try to keep your accounts clean, or at least private.  You never know when your ex-spouse could use your posts to portray you in a negative light, or if the court could stumble on questionable pics or posts all on their own.

Naturally, you’re allowed to have a social life and have fun, but you don’t necessarily want to post party pics that could make you look like an unsuitable parent, and you certainly shouldn’t share anything negative about your spouse, your divorce, or the court where it could be found and presented as evidence.  Avoid texting about your divorce, as well, since messaging is being used more and more in court cases.

Take Notes and Follow the Rules

Parenting time is based on a court order, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed, so you want to make sure to follow the rules laid out in your divorce.  Pay child support if you’re ordered to do so.  Exchange children according to schedule.  Don’t leave kids with a nanny or family members when it’s your time to see them.

If your ex isn’t following the rules or you feel there is a relevant change in circumstances, you can also consider filing for a change in parenting time, but you’ll need to meet criteria and present evidence, so make sure to take detailed notes.

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