Dating Life Decisions During A Michigan Divorce

Dating Life Decisions During a Michigan Divorce

Divorce is unfortunately commonplace among U.S. marriages, with roughly half of all married couples eventually splitting up. It is a troubling and emotionally wearisome time, and every divorce situation has its own “personality” and dynamics. Depending on the parties involved, it is likely a very sad scenario but on the other hand, some people can’t wait to be done with it all and it might be the best thing in especially volatile relationships.

In fact, one party or the other might be so anxious to move on and meet other people that they start dating while the divorce is still in process. Everyone is entitled to their own decision but is jumping quickly into a new relationship a good idea? Let’s look at effects this can have on your Michigan divorce and ancillary life events.

Be Respectful

In the worst of situations, some people might not care one bit how their current spouse feels about all of this but this is the time to step up and have respect for each other’s feelings. Diving headlong back into the dating scene is never easy on the other party and almost always triggers anger or hurt.

Approaching divorce settlement with simmering anger is never good and can turn a routine proceeding into a long and expensive battle royale. Choose wisely before considering dating plans.

This Could Get Messy

All on its own, divorce is complicated, convoluted, and confusing. Flinging yourself into dating before the papers are signed might just make it even messier. It’s the heat of the moment and reactive decisions almost always end in regret. Take your time and let your emotions stabilize before considering someone new in your life.

Michigan is a no-fault state in terms of divorce; neither party is legally at fault. However, infidelity can have a significant impact on a divorce in progress and influence everything from division of property to child custody.

Think About the Kids

If you have children in your family, they nearly always get the worst of a divorce. Bring someone new to the mix and things can go south in a hurry. Keep in mind that any unfaithful activities before your divorce is final can be turned against you during settlement proceedings, especially if the new someone in your life is of questionable character in regard to the children.

Your Behavior Matters

While the end results of dating during pending divorce are unpredictable at best, the smart choice is don’t do it. Your behavior reflects the perception everyone else, including judges, has about you. If you’re gallivanting about town with a new partner, your moral compass comes into question, especially with the best interest of children at stake.

This can heavily affect alimony payments or child custody decisions and perhaps more importantly, influences long lasting and harmful emotions in your partner and the rest of your family.

Simply put, dating prior to a finalized divorce is a poor decision. Be smart and think long term before starting a new chapter in your life.

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