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Five Tips For Dads In Custody Battles

Five Tips for Dads in Custody Battles

Divorces and child custody battles can be emotionally difficult, no matter how amicable spouses may try to be. Custody over children is one of the most impactful and important issues in any parent’s life.

In child custody cases involving straight couples, the courts have traditionally favored mothers. In fact, most child custody cases end with the child’s mother being granted primary physical custody.

This tendency is based on antiquated and overly simplistic views about gender roles in parenting. With cultural gender roles continuing to shift, more dads are fighting for custody of their children.

Courts are also continuing to become more sensitive to the important roles that fathers play in child-rearing. In each case, the court will decide what they believe is in the best interest of the child.

Below, we will discuss five tips for fathers who are seeking custody of their children.

  1. Negotiate 

Before your custody dispute escalates to the courts, you should try to negotiate. Negotiating with your parenting partner can save you time, money, and emotional stress.

Taking a custody battle to court can be very costly in every way. Negotiating a resolution outside of the courts can help to ensure a positive and cooperative family environment for your child.

  1. Stay Involved

Most child custody attorneys advise fathers who are seeking custody to be involved in their child’s daily activities.

Fathers should be sure to:

  • Attend sporting matches
  • Pick children up from school or daycare
  • Attend doctor appointments
  • Be a part of parent-teacher meetings

Staying involved and supportive will show others that are involved with the child–such as teachers, doctors, and coaches–that you are an active parent.

  1. Highlight Your Earning Capacity

Typically, men earn more than women in their professional lives. While this disparity is a very real social problem, it can also help fathers to secure child custody in some cases.

When you’re seeking custody, highlight your ability to provide the material resources that the child will need. If one parent can afford clothes, medical care, and education for the child, it will go a long way in the eyes of the courts.

  1. References

Beyond financial resources, social resources are also important. Fathers should find ways to establish the fact that they have durable and healthy social networks. It takes communal and familial support to successfully raise a child.

Ask peers, friends, and family members to provide references that speak to your parenting ability. If you are involved in any religious or volunteer programs, affidavits from those you volunteer with can be very helpful.

  1. Benefits of Remarrying

Obviously, getting remarried should not be primarily a custody battle strategy. However, many fathers believe they should postpone remarriage until their custody dispute is settled. This is a mistake.

Oftentimes, the courts will consider the number of adults in each household. Having a spouse who can help you care for the child can help the court to see your residence as a stable home environment.


Custody battles are frustrating and emotionally difficult. This is especially true for fathers. If you are a dad seeking custody of your child, speak with a qualified child custody attorney, like the team at Gucciardo Family Law, to secure the best outcome.


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