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Gucciardo 4 Steps To An Adoption In Michigan

Four Steps to an Adoption in Michigan

When you are planning to grow your family, adoption can be an excellent option. The requirements for adoption vary by state.

If you are considering adopting a child in Michigan, there are a number of requirements to meet and steps to take. Most importantly, you should speak with a qualified family lawyer. Speaking with a legal professional can help the adoption process to go more smoothly.

Types of Adoption

There are a few different types of adoption under Michigan state law. Infant adoptions are most common. Other types of adoptions include:

  • State and court ward adoptions
  • Stepchild adoptions
  • Relative adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions
  • Adult adoption

No matter what type of adoption you are considering, speak with an accomplished family law attorney to learn about the process.

Four Steps to Adoption

According to Michigan state law, anyone can be adopted. However, any individual 14 years of age or older must provide consent. If consent is not given, the prospective parents have 21 days to appeal the rejection of adoption.

Michigan’s adoption laws also make wide exemptions for religious groups. Adoption agencies are not required to provide placements to certain families if a placement would conflict with their religious faith. For example, a Christian agency may refuse services to a family with LGBT parents.

If you are hoping to adopt a child in Michigan, take the following steps:

#1) Determine the Type of Adoption

The first step to adoption is to determine which type of adoption is best for you. Perhaps you are thinking of a direct-placement infant adoption. Maybe you are planning to adopt a stepchild. No matter what the circumstances of your planned adoption may be, a family lawyer can help.

#2) Speak with a Knowledgeable Family Attorney

This step is crucial. Consulting with a trustworthy family attorney will help to expedite the adoption process.

Dealing with petitions, fees, and home assessments can be confusing. It is best to have an experienced professional to assist you through the process.

#3) Select an Adoption Agency

If you hope to use an adoption agency, check its credentials and reputation. Be sure that the agency you choose is licensed through Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition, research the agency online to ensure that it has a reputation for professionalism. You can also speak with an experienced family attorney about the agency you are considering.

#4) Petition the Adoption Through Michigan Family Courts

Finally, your attorney will file the petition for adoption with the courts. Other forms and legal fees may be required, as well. The court will review the petition and order an investigation.

Investigations ensure that each adoption is in the best interest of the person being adopted. Sometimes, these investigations take the form of home studies or pre-placement assessments.

The judge will appoint an agent of the court to oversee the placement process and adjustment. Again, these steps are to ensure the welfare of the adoptee. Once these steps are completed, the child will be considered to be a legal member of their new family and a new birth certificate will be issued with the adoptive parents listed.

Consult a Michigan Family Lawyer

Adoption can be a difficult and confusing process. To help your adoption to proceed as smoothly as possible, contact Gucciardo Family Law.

We have plenty of experience with Michigan adoptions. We work tirelessly to serve our clients and their families. Contact Gucciardo Family Law today for a free initial consultation.


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