How Therapy Can Help When You And Your Spouse Are Going Through A Divorce

How therapy can help when you and your spouse are going through a divorce

Divorce is challenging. Even the most amicable of divorces is met with emotional challenges. Learning how to cope with the financial changes, physical changes, and familial changes that accompany divorce is difficult for many individuals to navigate. While it is beneficial to have a support system to lean on during your divorce, it also very beneficial to seek out the support of a therapist.

The Benefits of Therapy
Therapy has many benefits and it can be conducted in various ways. You can meet with a therapist individually, with your children, or with your ex-spouse. Your personal situation will dictate which route you take (sometimes, therapists suggest a combination of the three). While therapy is not easy, as it can uncover a lot of feelings, it has a bounty of benefits:

Therapy Equips You with Skills
A therapist is trained to help his or her clients navigate difficult emotions and life transitions. He or she will teach you various, personalized skills to help you get through this challenging period.

Therapy Helps You Help Your Kids
Children handle divorce differently than adults. Therapy can help you learn how to help your children during the process of divorce and, if they have a session with you, it allows them to have a “safe place” to talk about their feelings.

Therapy Helps You Communicate with Your Ex
Lack of proper communication is often noted as one of the many reasons why couples choose to separate. Learning how to effectively communicate with your ex is extremely important, especially if you have children together. Therapy can help you sift through your feelings of anger, resentment, or blame so that you are able to communicate in an effective and purposeful way with your ex-spouse.

Therapy Allows You to Be Vulnerable
A therapist is a third party. He or she is not a friend, a family member, a coworker, or an acquaintance. While you may be able to tell your closest friend many of your deepest secrets and thoughts, there are some things that you may not feel comfortable sharing with someone who knows you intimately. Therapy allows you to say the things that you may feel too ashamed to say. It allows you to be completely vulnerable without fear of judgment or retaliation.

Therapy Can Birth Hope
When in the midst of a divorce, it can be difficult to see the silver lining. It can be difficult to look forward to the future. Using certain strategies, a therapist can help you learn more about yourself and can help you see that you have an opportunity to grow from this experience.

Therapy Can Resolve Hard-to-Navigate Issues
A therapist is a great mediator for couples who do not see eye-to-eye on living arrangements, parenting responsibilities, or financial obligations. By acting as a mediator and as a sounding board, a therapist allows couples to talk through why they are having a difficult time reaching an agreement on a certain issue.

Therapy is highly beneficial for couples that are going through a divorce. Along with therapy, it is important that you choose an attorney that recognizes the emotional and mental exhaustion that typically accompany divorce. The lawyers at The Gucciardo Law Firm understand the complexities surrounding divorce. To schedule a consultation with a family-law attorney that will be sensitive to your needs, call (248) 723-5190 today.

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