How To Keep Your Divorce From Impacting Your Career

How to keep your divorce from impacting your career

Divorce is not a small occurrence. It is something that creates lasting change in the lives of those affected. Aside from the obvious changes like housing, marital status, financials, and relationships with family and friends, one major worry for many who find themselves knee-deep in divorce proceedings is how the divorce will affect their individual careers.

Fortunately, unlike things like housing and finances, your career is one of the things that can remain the same during and after your divorce if you take certain precautions. In order to make sure that your career is not affected by your divorce, it is important to keep these tips in mind:

Do Not Talk About the Divorce at Work

Keep these two worlds separate. It can be difficult to do so, however, talking about your divorce while at work can detract from your main work-related responsibilities. By keeping your personal life private, you not only limit uncomfortable, time-wasting conversations, but you give yourself a mental reprieve from having to think about and talk about the divorce.

Practice Self Care

Rarely is a couple elated to separate. Feelings of great sadness, depression, grief, and anger are often felt when a couple decides to divorce. When in one of these emotional states, it can be easy to neglect caring for oneself. By making time for yourself daily to exercise, eat nutritionally dense foods, and to do things that bring you joy, your emotional state at work will not be as poor as it would be if you did not prioritize self-care.

Taking care of your mental health always matters; it is crucial during a divorce. If you do not want your work to suffer, practicing self-care and taking time to prioritize your needs is crucial.

Talk to Your Boss & HR

While you should refrain from talking about your divorce continuously to your coworkers, you should set up meetings with your boss and human resources. In order for your boss to understand why you may be taking more sick days than usual or requesting to come in later so that you can meet with your attorney, it is important to let him or her know the facts. By being transparent with your employer, he or she will be more willing to make accommodations for this life-changing event.

Further, if your spouse is on your work-supplied health insurance, pension plan, or life insurance policies, it is necessary that you contact HR immediately to let them know that you are ending your marriage.

Do Not Quit Your Job

With a big life-changing event like a divorce, some parties involved may feel the need to change everything in their lives as a way to completely start anew. Because of the financial repercussions of divorce, however, do not quit your job in haste. Further, if you are offered a promotion, do not turn it down because you are afraid that this will raise your alimony or child support payments. Not only can this then be held against you in court, but it could potentially do long-term damage to your career.

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