How to Manage Your Emotions During a Child Custody Case

Nobody ever said marriage was easy, and raising children can be even more difficult. While children bring joy and wonder to our lives, parenting is undertaking fraught with uncertainty and fear. The responsibility of keeping kids safe and raising them to be capable and confident adults is a heavy burden. It becomes even more difficult when you’re going through a divorce.

That said, it is extremely important that you focus on your obligation to your children throughout both the divorce and child custody process. In case you didn’t know, the way you behave during these proceedings could have a marked impact on outcomes, potentially influencing the court one way or another when determining child custody. If you let your emotions get the better of you, the consequences could be devastating for you and your children.

What can you do to manage your emotions during your divorce and child custody proceedings? How can you put on a brave face and remain calm when dealing with the heightened emotions that are a natural part of the process of separation?

Find Someone to Talk To
First and foremost, you need to understand that you are not alone. Talking to someone about what you’re going through can help you to cope with your feelings and keep them under control, even when dealing with stressful and frustrating situations

You may talk to family members or friends, a religious or spiritual leader, or a qualified therapist. What you should never do is involve your children in this process. Remember that your children are coping with their own difficult emotions at this time, and it isn’t fair to burden them with your issues or provide them with details about the rift between you and your ex-spouse. You need to support them, not the other way around.

The process of divorce can be an emotional punch to the gut, even if you’re the one initiating divorce proceedings. If you have a strong support network and other adults to talk to throughout the process, you have a much better chance of keeping your emotions in check.

Don’t Put Your Kids in the Middle
Children are bound to have many questions, and you should try to answer honestly if possible, without necessarily providing information that is inappropriate. You should never bad-mouth the other parent to children or expose them to marital issues that should remain private, between you and your ex-spouse.

If you fear that children are not safe with their other parent, the courts may be able to provide special arrangements. You should speak to your attorney about this and avoid involving children in any decision-making process.

Remain Civil
There is no way to stress this enough. You must remain civil with your spouse throughout the divorce and child custody process if you want the best chance to get custody of children. If you act out, even if provoked, it could negatively impact the court’s decision.

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