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Child Cope

Michigan Divorce: 3 Tips to Help Children Cope After a Separation

Deciding to divorce is rarely easy. Still, sometimes a marriage ends even after your best efforts to make it work.

Divorce brings out deep emotions in every family member, including children. Helping your child navigate the difficulties of divorce can be challenging, but it’s crucial. Ensuring their mental and emotional well-being is a priority.

Children often have many questions as the divorce unfolds and their lives change. Helping them process these questions and providing age-appropriate answers can help strengthen their coping skills.

This can be an opportunity to help them become resilient. Gucciardo Family Law offers these three tips to help your children after a separation.

  1. Validate the Feelings of Your Children

It is important to recognize and validate the grief that comes with divorce. When you and your spouse separate, your child may grieve the life they’re losing, but they can also grieve the life they looked forward to. Remember, everyone grieves differently, including children.

Encourage them to talk with you or another adult they trust. Give them the freedom to express what they feel.

If they are sad, allow them to cry. If they are excited to see the other parent, let that happen without any negativity. If they feel happy, encourage that and be glad that they’re finding something to enjoy during a difficult time.

  1. Keep the Conflict Away from Your Kids

Divorce is a decision between two adults, but it still vastly affects the children involved. Although your kids may have questions about what’s going on that are difficult to answer, it’s important to be as honest as possible while still keeping your answers age-appropriate.

It is critical to reassure your children that your divorce has nothing to do with them and that they are still loved. It’s not unusual for a child to find a way to blame themselves, so this reminder will need to be given for some time.

Remember that while your spouse may not have been a great husband or wife, they can still be a good parent to your children. Avoid speaking negatively about them. Instead, find opportunities to point out the positive ways they impact your kids.

  1. As Much as Possible, Keep a Consistent Routine

Being honest with your kids about the difficulties that lie ahead is important. Your truthfulness prepares them for the changes that come with a new home, a new school, or a new town. Honesty helps to prepare them for the transition.

During this process, assure them they can still be involved in the activities they enjoy. If possible, keep them on the same sports teams, with the same music teachers, and in the same schools.

Your children will likely be worried about these issues and may worry that it’s selfish to ask you about them. So your reassurance will help calm some of their anxiety and avoid a situation where they have to ask.

Help for Your Michigan Divorce

At Gucciardo Family Law, we know divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved. Having an experienced family law firm on your side can help ease some of your stress and allow you the freedom to help your children. Call us to schedule your consultation today.


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