Preparing To Fight For Child Custody What You Should Know

Preparing to fight for child custody: what you should know

In divorce, custody practices are put in place to provide children with a seamless transition, ideally allowing them to maintain the standard of living they experienced before the divorce. Parents have every right to make these decisions outside of court. And while parents hope for amenity, custody is often a heated point of contention that requires the court’s help to reach a consensus. When you are a spouse fighting for custody, it is best to be prepared. Here are some ways to set yourself up for success.

Best Interest of the Child

Judges always seek to do what is best for the children. Preferably this would include having both parents involved in their custody, but more often the court will need to do their best in identifying the “better parent.” This will often require them to determine which parent is better able to provide financially, and which offers the most stable environment and emotional support system.

The court’s decision will be based on your past involvement with the child and witness testimony. Knowing your history and being prepared to defend your parental successes and financial assets will be the best way to ready yourself for court.

Communication is Key

If one of the parents is more willing to communicate with the court, it could be seen as having the child’s best interest at heart and could become influential in their decision.

This means being responsive when contacting your soon-to-be ex, as well as the courts. To ultimately gain custody, keep an open line of communication with everyone involved in your divorce.

Remembering Your Manners

Going hand-in-hand with communication, courtroom etiquette is another aspect of your overall divorce that can significantly affect a custody decision. The spouse who recognizes that court is a formal event will find the greatest success in a custody battle.

A great rule of thumb when preparing for the courtroom is to dress like your attorney or law team. Additionally, employing manners and avoiding interruptions will ensure favorability in the eyes of a judge.

Prepare for Everything

Preparedness is obviously the name of the custody battle game. And with divorce, comes a lot of required documents that need to be thoroughly filled out, organized, and filed. This readiness for anything and everything shows that a parent is serious about their quest for custody.

Between the initial divorce summons and your court date, do your best to gather all the necessary paperwork and exhibits you will need in court. Showing up with organized copies of documents and thoughtful answers could be the difference between gaining and losing custody.

Temporary Custody Courtesy

During the actual custody battle, the courts will grant temporary custody to one parent until an official arrangement has been awarded. Without a final decision, the courts will do their best to include both parents in the child’s life during this time.

Keep in mind that the temporary order of custody is by no means the final decision. This is a great time to show the judge that you are ready to take care of your child on a full-time basis.

For the best chance in winning a child custody battle, prepare yourself by seeking the guidance of an attorney. Contact the qualified attorneys at The Gucciardo Law Firm at 248-723-5190.

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