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What Can Fathers Do to Make Divorce Easier on Their Kids?

Divorce is a difficult and heartbreaking process for everyone involved. The loss of a loving relationship can be extremely difficult for adults, but parents cannot get so caught up in their own feelings that they trample on the feelings of their children.

As a father, you’d give anything to keep your kids safe, healthy, and happy. During a divorce, this can mean swallowing your pride, taking the high road, and doing all you can to minimize the impact of divorce on your children. How does this translate into actionable steps? Here are a few things fathers can do to make divorce easier on their kids.

Shoot for Joint Custody
Except in cases where one parent is creating an unsafe and harmful environment for children, it’s always best for parents to work together to co-parent children following divorce. Unless your ex-spouse is unfit to parent in a quantifiable way, it’s your responsibility to support your children in maintaining a stable relationship with both of their parents.

This means not only encouraging joint custody, but also remaining supportive of an ex-spouse where children are concerned. Whether a divorce is contentious or not, children don’t need to be involved in adult problems. It is in their best interest to maintain a loving relationship with both parents. If you want to create a stable environment and ease the transition from one household to two, always be respectful and supportive of your ex-spouse in front of your children.

Provide Tangible Support
The practical difficulties of divorce include going from one familial household to two, and this can place an understandable strain on finances for both parents. That said, kids still need adequate food, shelter, clothing, school supplies, healthcare, and more, regardless of which home they’re in or how custody is shared. When both parents strive to meet their responsibilities on this front, it can help to create a stable situation for kids.

Create a Safe and Inviting Home Environment
Whether you remain in the familial home or you are the one to create a new household during a divorce, it’s important that you try to maintain or create a home environment that is comfortable and welcoming for children, who may be understandably upset in either household. Their former home may feel wrong with one parent missing, while a new home lacks the comforts of familiarity. Splitting or duplicating items like clothing, toys, and other familiar objects can help kids to feel more comfortable and safe in both homes.

Provide Emotional Support
Regardless of how things shake out with custody arrangements, both parents need to let kids know that they are loved and valued, and that both parents are available to provide emotional support. Keeping the lines of communication open is key, as is reserving judgment.

Kids may express anger and sadness. They could blame one or both parents. As a father, the best thing you can do is continue to show your love and support, letting them know that their feelings are valid and doing all you can to contact them, connect with them, and make yourself available.

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