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What Kinds of Documents Should I Prepare for a Michigan Divorce?

Going through a divorce is a complex legal process that can be very emotionally taxing. As with most legal endeavors, preparation can help make the divorce process quicker and easier.

Filing for divorce requires spouses to submit many types of information. This is especially true when a divorce is contested and involves significant disagreements.

It is important to collect information from the time that you know you are planning to divorce. The earlier you begin gathering information, the easier the process will be.

Useful Documents for a Michigan Divorce

As soon as you know that your marriage will be coming to an end, begin to gather the following types of documents.

Income Records

You will need to provide information about your income during divorce proceedings. Because of this, it is important to collect records and documentation that confirm your level of income. These records include:

  • Paycheck stubs for the past year
  • Your spouse’s pay stubs for the past year
  • The past five years of joint or separate tax returns
  • Documentation regarding any cash payments
  • Any information that confirms your net worth individually or jointly

Spouses that are self-employed should also prepare records of completed jobs and payments made. This can include invoices, ledgers, and bank statements related to income.

Debt-Related Documentation

As part of a determination of your net worth, you will need to produce evidence of debt held by either spouse. These documents include:

  • Itemized lists of debts in your name
  • Lists of debts in your spouse’s name
  • Debts acquired jointly during the marriage
  • Records of credit card, student loan, and medical debts

The liabilities of both parties will be divided during the divorce, along with the marital assets.


You should also collect documentation that accounts for any property owned by you or your spouse. This includes property owned by each spouse individually and property acquired throughout the marriage. For example:

  • Bank account statements for both parties
  • Savings account statements
  • Automobile titles and registrations
  • Real estate deeds, securities, and mortgage statements

This list is only partial. You should prepare documentation of any relevant debts or assets that you or your spouse may hold.

Prepare for Separation

Beyond gathering documents about your marriage, it is crucial to prepare for your future. You should begin to establish yourself as an individual. This will help you to transition efficiently following the divorce.

For example, you should file documentation for an individual bank account and alternate mailing address. You should also consider where you will reside once the divorce is complete. This may involve preparing documentation that will allow you to find or purchase a new home, depending on the circumstances.

Even amicable divorces can be difficult and emotionally challenging. To expedite the divorce process, preparation is important.

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If you are considering filing for divorce, call the professionals at Gucciardo Family Law. Our compassionate family lawyers will work hard to make the divorce process as easy as possible.

Every divorce involves some amount of conflict. But with preparation and the guidance of a skilled legal professional, you can successfully move forward.

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