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Mediation vs. Litigation in Michigan Divorces: What’s the Difference?

October 18, 2022
Posted in: Michigan Law, Tips

Given the chance to choose the easy way or the hard way, most would pick the first option. When it comes to a Michigan divorce, though, there may be no easy way to resolve the […]


How Long Should You Expect to Pay Alimony in Michigan?

October 13, 2022
Posted in: Alimony

You may not like the prospect of paying child support following your divorce. However, most Michigan parents accept that they must financially support their children until they become adults. What is more contentious is alimony, […]


Helpful Tips for Long Distance Co-Parenting

October 11, 2022
Posted in: Child Custody

Parenting alone is difficult enough. Attempting to co-parent with your ex-spouse, especially when they live far away, is an immense challenge. You can accomplish it, however. Parents who are committed to their children’s welfare find […]


3 Benefits of Working with a Parenting Coordinator

October 6, 2022
Posted in: Child Custody

The court may have entered visitation orders in your Michigan child custody or divorce case, but this does not mean they automatically come to pass. To be effective co-parents, both parties must comply with the […]


Your Guide to Surviving a Second Divorce

October 4, 2022
Posted in: Divorce

Not all marriages work out, and second marriages are no different. Just because you may have avoided some of the perceived mistakes made during your first marriage is no guarantee your second marriage will be […]


What Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Should Your Divorce Include One?

September 27, 2022
Posted in: Michigan Law

Most divorce proceedings in Michigan require spouses to publicly exchange information regarding assets and other financial details. Courts use this financial information to make rulings on property division, child support agreements, and spousal support. When […]


Stepparent Adoption in Michigan: The Pros and Cons

September 22, 2022
Posted in: Adoption

Stepparent adoption in Michigan is a legal process that grants you parental rights to the biological child of your spouse. This process can be helpful when the child’s biological parents no longer share custody or […]


Never Legally Married? Your Next Steps During a Separation

September 20, 2022
Posted in: Common Law Marriage

Not every couple in a committed relationship decides to get married. Some couples across Michigan may live together for years without obtaining a marriage license. While this relationship is typical, it can make matters complicated […]


How to Decide Where to Enroll Your Child in School Post-Divorce

September 15, 2022
Posted in: Child Support

When your divorce involves child custody provisions, deciding what school your child will attend can often become a contentious issue. You may face legal obstacles should you decide to change your child’s school. If you […]


How Are Educational Expenses Split in a Divorce?

September 13, 2022
Posted in: Divorce

Any divorce proceeding has the potential to become a complicated legal matter. The process can be extra stressful for couples who have children. As with most states, Michigan courts make rulings on child support obligations, […]