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Renée Gucciardo, Super Lawyer!

It’s not often that someone in real life gets to put ‘super’ next to their job title without a hint of irony. But Gucciardo Family Law’s own Renée Gucciardo earned that right earlier this year when Hour Detroit magazine paired with Super Lawyers Magazine to give Renée the honor of making their Super Lawyer list for 2014, 2015, and 2016’s best Family Law practitioners.

It’s one thing for a lawyer to get listed by an organization that they pay to be listed by — but Super Lawyers uses a literally patented process that ensures impartiality and quality of results. “We take our credibility very seriously, and having a patent assures our customers that we strive to be innovation leaders in our area,” the Director of Research at Super Lawyers said of the process.

To be named to the Super Lawyers list, a candidate must prove themselves on a 12-factor comparison that examines:

  • verdicts and settlements;
  • transactions;
  • representative clients;
  • experience;
  • honors and awards;
  • special licenses and certifications;
  • position within law firm;
  • bar and or other professional activity;
  • pro bono and community service as a lawyer;
  • scholarly lectures and writings;
  • education and employment background;
  • and other outstanding achievements.

An attorney that proves to be in the best slice of the industry based on those factors is then presented to a panel of highly-successful lawyers within their area of practice, and that panel of experts examines each candidate and grades them. Only 5% of the lawyers in a state are named to the Super Lawyers list, so when we say that it’s an honor and a distinction, we’re quite serious.

Renée is not particularly fond of tooting her own horn, but when an organization with a uniquely qualified process and a panel of industry experts tells you that you are better than 95% of the lawyers in your area of practice, it makes you feel pretty good about your work.

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