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Spousal Support

The question of spousal support, or alimony, will play a key role in the future well-being of a divorced person because it involves both future income and future tax burdens.  It is vital to resolve this complicated financial question satisfactorily, which is why you genuinely need a spousal support lawyer to help you navigate the complex Michigan alimony laws.

There are various kinds of spousal support in Michigan: temporary or permanent, modifiable or non-modifiable.  For instance, temporary spousal support might be designed to give financial support to a younger divorced spouse while he or she retrains to re-enter the workplace after having spent several years at home raising the children.  Permanent spousal support might be awarded to a divorced party too old to enter the workplace.  Each type of spousal support carries different tax consequences.

When determining the appropriateness of alimony, Michigan courts take several factors into consideration, such as: how long the parties have been married, whether one has stayed home with children while the other pursued his or her career, potential earning ability, and the ability to pay.