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Legal Philosophy

Every attorney has his or her own legal philosophy, and it is important that the attorney that you choose to represent you has a philosophy which you are comfortable with.

As practitioners of family law, Renée and her colleagues strongly believe in working towards an amicable resolution of your case  which results in an equitable distribution of the marital estate. For those families who have minor children, they strive to achieve a parenting schedule which is in the best interests of the minor children. Renée and her associates recognize the importance of conserving  family resources for the family so that the family money will be spent on building the family’s future rather than on destroying its past.  Renée and her team work hard to preserve the integrity of the family as much as possible so that when the case is over the divorced parents can successfully co-parent their children.

Searching for a proven family law attorney?

Our experienced family law attorneys can give you the legal representation you need and will look out for your best interests.

Family law is much more flexible than other areas of law because each family is unique and not every solution will fit each family.  The Courts are sensitive to the fact that the family has fallen apart and has to re-invent itself and live in two households rather than in the one that they are accustomed to.  When it comes to custody and parenting time arrangements, great care has to be given to ensure that the children’s best interests are taken into consideration, and a parenting time plan has to be fashioned to fit the unique circumstances of each family. A custody arrangement which might be perfect for one family may be disastrous for another.  It is therefore extremely important to have an attorney who understands the full scope of the law and the future ramifications of a settlement agreement in order to achieve a settlement that will  support the future success of the family rather than be source of continuing friction  to children and parents.

In the case of a divorce with or without minor children, Renée and her colleagues will see to it that all of the family assets and liabilities and the unique circumstances of each case will be brought to light in the proper legal forum to ensure that there is an equitable distribution of the entire marital estate.  They will be by your side during every part of your case (during mediation, arbitration or at trial). Including all court appearances and all evidentiary hearings.  Renée and her team will keep you apprised of the progress of your case and will meet with you throughout the process so that you are prepared for each stage of the proceedings.  Renée’s long-standing relationships with judges and lawyers in the area help to smoothly facilitate the progress of your case until its completion, therefore making the resolution of your case  more efficient and more amicable.  If it becomes necessary to take the case to court for motions, evidentiary hearings or trial, Renée and Andrea will be fighting for your best interests. Renée with her years of experience as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Oakland and Jackson counties or Andrea with her experience in the Oakland County prosecutor’s office.