Preparing to fight for child custody: what you should know

June 18, 2018
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In divorce, custody practices are put in place to provide children with a seamless transition, ideally allowing them to maintain the standard of living they experienced before the divorce. Parents have every right to make these decisions outside of court. And while parents hope for amenity, custody is often a heated point of contention that requires the court’s help to ...


How to determine whether your child support payments are fair

June 15, 2018

With all the intricate processes and grey areas, it can be hard to be certain of anything when it comes to divorce. One of greatest areas of contention, and thus areas of confusion, is that of children. Custody is one thing, but there will obviously be a financial component when supporting your children. How do you determine child support, and ...


How to contest a divorce in Michigan

June 11, 2018
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Divorce can be hard to accept, even more so if the parting is unfriendly or confrontational. Each state differs when it comes to the ways in which you can contest a divorce petition of which you do not agree. And while Michigan is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce, you have options when wanting to challenge a divorce. ...


What You Should Know About Division Of Debt Under A Michigan Divorce

June 8, 2018
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Going through a divorce cannot only be emotionally harrowing, it can be confusing if your understanding is unclear on how the debts of you and your spouse are divided. Not only does the judge rule separately on the marital and non-marital debts of the separating couple, they also consider extenuating circumstances. Other factors can also affect the decisions on property ...


How Does Pet Custody Work In A Michigan Divorce?

June 4, 2018
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When couples faced divorce in the last century, the typical points of contention included custody of children and asset allocation. While custody agreements were often complicated and debatable, dividing up property and material goods was easier since judges had laws and precedence to guide their decisions. With the dawn of the 21st century, many things became increasingly complex, including the ...


Is annulment an option in a Michigan divorce?

June 1, 2018
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With the diversifying of marital options comes the more prevalent reality that some couples must face legal separation, divorce, or annulment. And while separation and divorce are more cut and dry, you might be surprised to find out how annulment laws differ by state. Unlike many states, a legal Michigan annulment is not based on the length of the marriage ...


5 Simple Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Divorce

May 28, 2018
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Splitting one household into two is not only emotionally taxing; it also means splitting expenses to support two homes instead of one, and often dealing with additional costs like alimony and/or child support.  In other words, divorce can be a costly affair.  This doesn’t even include the expense of the process itself, including court fees and hiring a lawyer.  The ...


Gray Divorce: Who is at Risk?

May 25, 2018
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It’s pretty rare these days to see a couple reach their golden anniversary (50 years), much less the diamond (60) or platinum (70).  With more people living longer, you might expect more of these impressive marriage durations, but it turns out the higher divorce rate doesn’t just affect 20-somethings or middle-aged couples experiencing mid-life crises. Gray divorce is a growing ...


How to Cope with Conflicting Parenting Styles after Divorce

May 21, 2018
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Even when spouses are emotionally estranged, they may try to stay together for the benefit of children and preserving the family unit.  Unfortunately, this tends to make both parents miserable, which is no good for kids in the long run.  In some cases, divorce can actually end up being the lesser of two evils, especially if parents get along better ...


How to Prove Income for Child or Spousal Support in Michigan

May 18, 2018
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One of the most difficult parts of divorce for a parent is seeing their kids go through the trauma of losing the stability of the family unit, and often, the family home.  For a parent unable to provide in the same manner the children are used to, a divorce can be particularly fraught with doubt.  If you rely on a ...