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Two Christmases? Tips for Helping Kids Through Holiday Divorces

December 3, 2021
Posted in: Divorce, Tips

The holidays can be a difficult time for the whole family after a divorce. Depending on how recent the divorce was, it can be hard to know how to adapt your routines without losing meaningful […]


How Is Alimony Calculated in Michigan?

November 30, 2021
Posted in: Alimony

The average cost of divorce is nearly $13,000. For most people, that’s a staggering amount. If your divorce has put you in a financial bind, you may wonder how you will make ends meet. Fortunately, […]


Five Questions Families Have About Adoption in Michigan

November 25, 2021
Posted in: Adoption

Elation, fear, peace, guilt, worry, fulfillment — there are a whole host of emotions that surround adoption. Overall, the experience will often be a happy one. But still, you might have pressing questions. Before you […]


Does Michigan Recognize Common Law Marriages?

November 23, 2021
Posted in: Common Law Marriage

Perhaps you were with your partner for years, but you never took the leap to walk down the aisle. You were both committed—perhaps even more so than the majority of married couples you know. But […]


Can My Military Service Affect Child Custody?

November 18, 2021
Posted in: Child Custody

A military career can be exciting, educational, and fulfilling. Most people who enlist look forward to serving their country, learning new skills, and traveling the world. But while life in the military has its benefits, […]


Using Cohabitation Agreements to Protect Your Relationship Rights Outside Marriage

November 16, 2021

Not every couple decides to become legally married. When a couple cohabitates, they may accumulate valuable property together. Unlike married people, unmarried couples are not given specific legal advantages and protections. However, couples can draft […]


I Lost My Job. Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

November 11, 2021
Posted in: Firm News

Child support is a type of financial assistance paid from one former spouse to another in support of the couple’s children after divorce.  If you lose a job, your children do not automatically put their needs […]


How Can Paternity Impact Child Support Requirements in Michigan?

November 9, 2021
Posted in: Child Custody, Tips

Children are legally entitled to child support from both parents, regardless of the parent’s marital status. Child support includes multiple facets, including: Monetary payments Health insurance coverage Daycare costs Clothing and school supplies Establishing paternity […]


Gray Divorce: Why Divorce Is on the Rise for Couples in Their Golden Years

November 4, 2021
Posted in: Divorce

Gray divorce is the term used when people over the age of 50 get divorced. Usually, these couples have been married for 20-40 years. Those who have been married about 20 years were likely married […]


Division of Assets: Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

November 2, 2021
Posted in: Divorce

In the state of Michigan, you must meet certain requirements before you’re able to get a divorce. One example is that one or both parties must live in the state for at least 180 days […]