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When Should You Seek a Second Opinion for Your Divorce Case?

You might have heard of patients who get second opinions when their doctor or surgeon recommends a particular course of treatment. Similarly, if your car breaks down and a mechanic insists a costly repair is needed, you will likely want to speak to another mechanic before incurring the expense.

Getting a second opinion is a simple way to ensure you are getting the best advice and service.

The same principle makes it a smart idea to seek a second opinion in your divorce case under certain circumstances. Because of the far-reaching consequences of a divorce proceeding, you deserve to feel confident in your case objectives and progress.

Signs It Is Time to Get a Second Opinion

If you find yourself in any of the following circumstances, it may be time to find another attorney and ask them to evaluate your case.

Remember, just because you seek a second opinion does not mean you must retain a new attorney. Instead, it is merely an opportunity for you to obtain another objective opinion on what is going on in your case.

Look for a second opinion if any of the following apply to you:

You Are Unprepared for Hearings

Your attorney should meet with you before hearings to discuss the purpose of those hearings and what testimony or information will be presented.

If you are showing up for court hearings unprepared because your attorney has not spoken with you, get a second opinion on the appropriateness of this level of representation and the reasonableness of your expectations.

You and Your Attorney Do Not Have a Strategy for Your Case

You and your attorney should discuss the strategy to be employed in your case, including your overall objectives and the steps to reach those goals.

If you do not know why your attorney is taking certain actions or not taking others, you may want to have another attorney review the progress in your case and discuss with you whether the actions being taken are reasonable.

You Wonder if Your Attorney Knows the Law

Divorce law can be surprisingly complex, especially if there are valuable assets or peculiar family issues involved. Is your attorney giving you simplistic answers or brushing off your concerns and questions as unimportant?

If you have reason to suspect your attorney may not be familiar with the complexities of your case and the applicable laws, raise your concerns with another attorney by seeking a second opinion.

Where to Get a Second Opinion on Your Divorce Case

Whether you suspect your divorce case is going awry or you want confirmation that you are on a good path, Gucciardo Family Law is here to help. Our experienced Michigan family law legal team will review your situation and give you our objective read on your case.

Informed by years of experience representing Michigan residents from all walks of life through their divorces, we will either confirm your case is progressing reasonably or advise you on how to right your ship.

Contact Gucciardo Family Law today to discuss your divorce case.

Too much information?

We focus exclusively on family law matters so we are always available to answer your questions and help.

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