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Going through a divorce is a time of great emotional upheaval that nonetheless requires strict attention to a myriad of legal and financial details.  The Judgment of Divorce and attendant decrees act as a blueprint for your future well-being and that of your minor children, if you have any.  It is essential to have a divorce attorney who understands the full scope of the problems at hand as well as the emotional stress you are facing and is not afraid to tell you the hard facts you need to know to make difficult decisions.

The many important issues that need to be negotiated for now and the future include:

You must give your divorce lawyer all the relevant information and financial documentation so that she can map out the best strategy and properly file all the petitions and other documents with the court.  Failure to properly file court documents could cause you to lose important rights.  Anything that is not addressed at the time of the divorce cannot be addressed later.

Questions about filing for divorce in Michigan?

Have an experienced divorce attorney by your side. We understand the divorce laws in Michigan and can help with your case.

A divorce begins by filing a Complaint and Summons for Divorce.

The Complaint advises the court that there has been a breakdown of the marriage to the extent that a reconciliation is not feasible.   It is imperative that the Complaint for Divorce (if you are the person filing) or the Answer to Complaint (if you are not the person filing) properly address issues such as child custody, parenting time and spousal support.  It must also properly issue status quo and various restraining orders.  Any mistakes or omissions at this stage may cause you to lose important rights and lead to unfavorable results.

Evidentiary hearings, petitions and other legal documents

Even if a divorce is settled between spouses or with a mediator, as most are, the process requires many evidentiary hearings, petitions and other legal documents.  These need to be filed properly and in good time in order to protect your rights.  If the many issues of a divorce cannot be settled amicably, the case will move on to an arbitrator or a trial before a judge.  In this case, you will require a family lawyer with litigation experience.

A divorce is finalized through a Judgment of Divorce.

You may also need other legal documents such as a pension and retirement plan or liens and deeds to protect your property interests.  All these must be properly prepared and filed in order maintain the benefits you have negotiated into the future. That’s just one of the reasons why you want solid family law lawyers like those at Gucciardo Family Law at your side.