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5 Common Obstacles of Late-Life Divorce

When couples get married, divorce is usually the last thing on their minds. But life happens, and divorce is sometimes inevitable for many couples.

When people think of divorce, they tend to think of younger couples. In reality, couples of any age can decide to end their marriage, depending on their circumstances.

Late-life divorce for couples 60+ can be particularly challenging in many aspects, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. There can be several obstacles, and navigating a divorce can be daunting.

If you’re going through a late-life separation and divorce, do not wait to consult with a skilled divorce lawyer. An attorney can assist you with your case and help support you through a trying time.

Divorce Knows No Age

In life, there are no guarantees. This is especially true when it comes to the duration of a marriage.

Oftentimes, when a couple has been married for so long, no one would expect divorce would even be a consideration. Older relationships commonly withstand the test of time, but depending on the situation, the relationship may suffer, and divorce may be the choice that makes the most sense for both parties.

Whether a couple has been together for 10 years or 50 years, divorce can still happen. Any couple, regardless of age or length of marriage, can go through this unfortunate life event.

Common Challenges of Late-Life Divorce

Couples of every age and background can experience common challenges when undergoing a divorce. However, late-life divorcees often face different types of obstacles.

1. Health Issues

Older individuals often have health issues. Going through a divorce at an older age can add plenty of stress to a person’s life, which can negatively impact your health.

Furthermore, older couples often rely on each other to take care of their health. When you get divorced, you’re losing your companion, and you have to make alternative care plans, like moving in with your child or moving to a retirement facility.

2. Emotional Hurdles

Going through a divorce is emotional as it is, but even more so when you’ve spent so many years with someone. Coming to terms with the end of a marriage and the loss of a spouse can be a painful process.

3. Division of Assets

Dividing assets is one of the most important matters to address during a divorce. It is also one of the most challenging.

Throughout your marriage, you may have acquired several properties and shared many assets with your spouse. This can make division a bit more difficult and time-consuming.

4. Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical, as it allows you to plan for your future and your family’s future. After getting a late-life divorce, you’ll more than likely have to alter your estate plan to reflect your life changes, adding to your stress.

5. Children and Grandchildren

Divorce and the changes that come with it can be tough for the children, even if they’re adults. If you have grandchildren, it may be hard for them to understand and cope as well. The family dynamic will likely change, requiring some time for everyone to adjust to the new norm.

Navigating Your Late-Life Divorce With an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Going through a late-life divorce is likely one of the hardest things you’ll have to endure. But you don’t have to do it alone. The divorce attorneys at Gucciardo Family Law can provide the care and support you need. Contact our firm today to consult with one of our skilled lawyers.

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