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How to Make Summer Special for Your Kids While Divorcing

A divorce doesn’t just affect the separating spouses. If there are children involved, they can suffer in this process as well, no matter how amicable you try to make the split. During the summer, stress levels can rise when children are out of school.

That’s why trying to make these months special for your kids is so important. Learn some ways to make the summer fun even while you’re divorcing.

Take a Camping Trip

Get a tent, pack some fun activities, and get out in nature. Spending time in a different environment doing things you don’t often do can distract your children from the divorce and even bring some perspective to the whole ordeal. Camping also allows for lots of bonding time while sitting around a campfire.

You don’t have to go far or spend much money to have a great time. Pitching a tent and eating s’mores in your backyard can be enough to create an entertaining night.

Go on a Road Trip

For children who are a bit older and don’t mind car travel, plan a road trip with fun stops along the way. You can visit roadside attractions, museums, and anything else you encounter. A road trip can be a more relaxed experience that allows bonding while introducing your children to new locations and experiences.

Put On a Show in the Backyard

You can make this an activity that involves friends and neighbors. You can all work on creating scenery, costumes, props, and even music for the performance, giving your children the chance to explore their artistic sides in any way they choose.

By making this a summer-long project, you can keep your children engaged in something that can help them express themselves while still letting you spend quality time with them. Why not choose a fairytale and have them create a new version, or take a song they like and have them build a story around it?

Try Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are fun and can also allow your children to express themselves. They offer great opportunities for parent-child bonding. Find something that you all enjoy doing and gives your children a sense of accomplishment.

You can build and decorate birdhouses or use clay to build all useful and decorative items. The goal is to give your child a feeling of positivity they can look back on even during the divorce.

Managing a Divorce

Although the divorce process is never easy, it can be less harrowing for your children if you find ways to communicate and bond. Take the time to give them fun experiences they can remember fondly.

Hiring a family lawyer to manage your divorce proceedings will leave you free to focus on what’s most important — your children. At Gucciardo Family Law, our team is here to guide you. Reach out to us today.

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