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Renee and her team have represented me in family law at the highest level since 2015.

I have had the opportunity to observe her and her entire team in action for many years. The Gucciardo law firm have performed a variety of legal tasks for me including evidentiary hearings, motion paperwork and general administrative support. I can assert without reservation that she is the best attorney I have employed or observed. This is a significant statement because I have had the unfortunate experience to employ 5 other attorneys in the same time period for different family law applications/issues. I have employed attorneys that were hip, fast talkers but unorganized and unproductive. I have employed expensive attorneys that have gouged me and not performed. I have employed attorneys that are organized and honest but not aggressive. I have employed cheap attorneys that were lazy. I know bad, decent and awesome. Renee is awesome.

She and her team are responsive, experienced, organized, creative, conscientious, productive and honest. Renee’s support staff of experts are just that and are profoundly capable. Sick of your legal team not calling you back? That won’t happen with Gucciardo. Concerned you won’t get value for your money? That won’t happen with Gucciardo. Frustrated with paying and not seeing results? Not a chance with Renee. Don’t what to have the feeling that your legal team does not have your back? Won’t happen with Renee.

Attorneys are expensive but if you get the value, you won’t resent them.

I resent all my other attorneys except Renee and her team. She won big for me and almost killed herself in the process. She was not afraid to bring up risky issues and call out other professionals for improper behavior. Renee did this because it was the correct thing to do and because she worked for ME! Renee is a sweetheart until it is time to be aggressive.

Renee and her team are always prepared and I enjoy a teamwork feeling with her team that most lawyers won’t offer because most lawyers are narcissists. Renee is confident and accomplished but not a narcissist. Renee is not afraid to perform menial legal tasks that other attorneys dish off to their subordinates. Renee often performs these “menial tasks” because she is goal oriented and not afraid of hard work. The next day Renee is in front of the courtroom arguing for you in a fashion that is similar to some Hollywood movie- except this is real!

We can influence our luck in life by surrounding ourselves with good people. The Gucciardo law firm ARE good people.

This review too good to be true? Call the Gucciardo Law firm, ask them to get us in touch with each other and hear it from my lips. Best regards, JohnJohn E.

I am forever thankful to you! The court has definitely taught me to be stronger. I remember you as a strong attorney who faced the judge who almost took the kids away. I can’t imagine if that happened in that courtroom. You are my heroine!D. Booker
Hey Renee

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. But also — as my daughter Liz turns 18 tomorrow — I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on the case involving Liz. You fought for Sue and I every step of the way and we never, ever lost a battle with you at our side. While going through essentially two custody battles to get Liz living with us, you made it look easy and you won every round for us with ease.

Sue and I have recommended you to so many people that we’ve lost count. I think Sue will agree with me that you are honestly the best family attorney that anyone could ever hire. We’ll both continue recommending you to anyone in need if an all-star.

You’ve been there to read my 5,000-word, long-winded emails, you’ve been there at every court date, you always were quick to answer every call and showed compassion to Sue and I all the time. Thank you for believing in us and giving us the confidence over the years in my daughter’s case, especially when Liz’s mother was making life very difficult for us.

Liz started at Macomb Community College today and she’s doing well. She’s working and growing up into a beautiful, mature young lady. I can’t thank you enough for being responsible for getting Liz to live with us full time. Sue and I truly believe that Liz living with us saved her from living an enormously difficult life with her mother (Liz now has not seen her mom in over 3 years).

We’ve had a long relationship for 10 years as our friend! Stay in touch on Facebook and I wish you the greatest success in your practice and with your family.

Take care and all the best to you!Tom and Sue Varcie

We are so very grateful that we found you and you agreed to fight for us on this year long battle. It certainly has been a stressful and frightening time as the alternatives to not winning would have been truly devastating. We couldn’t have done it without your unyielding commitment, dedication, exceptional ability and hard work. We are aware and greatly appreciate how much time, lost sleep and interrupted weekends you spent in order to prepare and win for us. We are so thankful. We worried and rejoiced together and you were always supporting us.

Thank you so much and your team for all you have done for us. Hopefully we can keep in touch. And of course professionally, we will need you to help us with future issues as they arise. Again we are so grateful for having you as our champion.

You are the best!Roger and Peggy P.

We are so very happy on hearing the results of the court. Thank you so very much for all you did to make this a reality. From the very beginning you were totally committed to our case and determined to make it right. We really appreciate the massive amount of time, effort, research and preparation you, Shane and the rest of your team did to make this happen. You were always there to answer our concerns and give us emotional support. We are so lucky to have you on our side. You were awesome for us.Family Client
Thank you Renee, Shane and your entire team for all the hard work.  I really appreciate the many long hrs, sometimes interrupted weekends and nights, and most important your total commitment to my case that made this verdict possible.  This is great news.  I am very excited.  Thanks for fighting so hard for me.

Again thank you for everything. I am so happy this is behind me.Dave P.

Family Matters!

Having heard that when many police and other public officials in need of a family law attorney turn to Renee Gucciardo, I knew she would be high on my list of attorneys to speak to about my divorce and child custody matters. With her background as a Oakland county prosecutor and prominant criminal defense attorney – I knew I could rely on her experience from inception to trail. I soon learned that coupled with her unmatched legal knowledge she is enormously respected in Metro-Detroit by other attorneys, judges, and mediators. She is compasionate, caring, and understanding and without a doubt one of the most talented family law attorneys in Michigan.Family Client

When Only The Best Will Do!

Mrs. Gucciardo assisted my family with a criminal matter involving a minor family member. Renee’s past relationships with detectives, and prosecuting attorney were extremely valuable! Renee has since assisted many family members and friends with various family law matters including: divorce, child custody, adoption, and other matters. Every other attorney, judges, and others I’ve met have spoken very highly of Renee.Family Client

Renee = THE BEST!

I used Mrs. Gucciardo for a criminal matter. I knew once we walked into court and EVERYONE that walked past her knew her that I had made the best choice. She was firm, aggressive, and compassionate. I truly recommend Renee K. Gucciardo to anyone seeking unmatched talent from an attorney.Criminal Defense Client

Renee was absolutely awesome in my custody arbitration. Her professional work ethic is second to none. Thank you Renee!Child Custody Client
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