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There simply isn’t enough good to be said about Renee K. Gucciardo. Being involved in what soon became a nasty difficult divorse/separation I knew I needed the best to represent me in this fight for my life. My ex wife retained another top Metro-Detroit attorney who thought he was going to bully me. Once he found out Renee was retained that all changed. She is aggressive, compasionate, well versed in family law, extreamly well respected, and a true fighter. My case ended up working out in my favor and I owe it all to Renee. When it comes to family law there is simply no other option but to consult with Renee first. In my case, I couldn’t afford not to hire her.Divorce Client
It is my immense pleasue to recommend attorney Renee Gucciardo. My family and I became aquainted with Renee 10 years ago when she assisted my family with a serious legal matter. Renee’s aggressive hard work coupled with her caring compasionate nature, intelligence, and honesty proved to be the right choice and obtained positive results for us. During the past 10 years I have referred Mrs. Gucciardo many clients with various legal needs. I’ve received positive feedback from everyone that Renee has represented. I urge anyone seeking first rate legal advice concerning family law to consult with Renee first. I can personally guarantee you won’t be sorry.Ryan in South Lyon
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