Thank you Renee, Shane and your entire team for all the hard work.  I really appreciate the many long hrs, sometimes interrupted weekends and nights, and most important your total commitment to my case that made this verdict possible.  This is great news.  I am very excited.  Thanks for fighting so hard for me.

Again thank you for everything. I am so happy this is behind me.Dave P.

Family Matters!

Having heard that when many police and other public officials in need of a family law attorney turn to Renee Gucciardo, I knew she would be high on my list of attorneys to speak to about my divorce and child custody matters. With her background as a Oakland county prosecutor and prominant criminal defense attorney – I knew I could rely on her experience from inception to trail. I soon learned that coupled with her unmatched legal knowledge she is enormously respected in Metro-Detroit by other attorneys, judges, and mediators. She is compasionate, caring, and understanding and without a doubt one of the most talented family law attorneys in Michigan.Family Client

When Only The Best Will Do!

Mrs. Gucciardo assisted my family with a criminal matter involving a minor family member. Renee’s past relationships with detectives, and prosecuting attorney were extremely valuable! Renee has since assisted many family members and friends with various family law matters including: divorce, child custody, adoption, and other matters. Every other attorney, judges, and others I’ve met have spoken very highly of Renee.Family Client

Renee = THE BEST!

I used Mrs. Gucciardo for a criminal matter. I knew once we walked into court and EVERYONE that walked past her knew her that I had made the best choice. She was firm, aggressive, and compassionate. I truly recommend Renee K. Gucciardo to anyone seeking unmatched talent from an attorney.Criminal Defense Client

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