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What Is (and Isn’t) Covered by Attorney-Client Privilege?

March 8, 2022
Posted in: Michigan Law

We’ve all heard about attorney-client privilege, whether from the movies or real-life experience. But what does attorney-client privilege actually cover? And perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t it cover? Keep reading to find out. What Is […]


How to Prepare for a Temporary Orders Hearing in Michigan

March 3, 2022
Posted in: Michigan Law

Temporary orders are often a necessary part of the divorce process, especially when spouses can’t come to an agreement. It’s not the best idea to show up to a temporary order hearing unprepared. When you […]


4 Benefits of Co-Parenting Courses

March 1, 2022
Posted in: Tips

Co-parenting is hard enough even when both parents are on the same page. If you and your co-parent cannot agree about what is best for your child, the situation can quickly become even more complicated. […]


When Should You Choose an Annulment Over a Divorce?

February 10, 2022
Posted in: Annulment

Separating spouses often choose between a divorce or legal separation. The third option for ending a marriage is an annulment. An annulment voids the marriage as if it had never existed. An annulment is only […]


What to Expect When Filing a Paternity Case

February 8, 2022
Posted in: Paternity Case

When an unmarried couple has a child in Michigan, only the mother has primary custody and visitation rights. The father’s rights and obligations are not legally recognized until paternity has been established in court. Filing […]


Tax Season 2022: Are My Alimony Payments Tax-Deductible?

February 3, 2022
Posted in: Alimony, Michigan Law

If you have recently gone through a divorce and are making alimony payments to your ex-spouse, you may wonder if your payments are tax-deductible. The answer is: it depends. Changes to taxes brought by the […]


Spousal Support in Michigan: The Four Different Types (and What They Mean)

February 1, 2022
Posted in: Spousal Support

Every state has its own laws governing spousal support after a marriage ends. The state of Michigan has four different types of spousal support. Whether you’re the spouse paying support or the spouse receiving it, […]


No-Fault Divorce States: Does the Cause of Divorce Matter in Michigan?

January 27, 2022
Posted in: Divorce

Divorce is usually a stressful process. This stress can be made even worse when you need to identify fault and prove it in court. Some states make this step easier with a “no-fault divorce” designation. […]


Can Child Support Be Changed After the Divorce Is Final?

January 25, 2022
Posted in: Child Support

Child support is one of the issues determined in a divorce settlement. A child support payment is based on a percentage of the paying parent’s income. While many matters in the divorce settlement are not […]


What Is Legal Guardianship?

January 18, 2022
Posted in: Tips

You might have heard of “legal guardianship” and been unsure about what this term means. A legal guardian is a person who is appointed to make decisions for another person.  Oftentimes, a legal guardian is […]