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COVID-19 and Parenting Time

April 3, 2020
Posted in: Tips

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has taken an aggressive stance with a statewide “stay home, stay safe” Executive Order, originally set to end April 30th, and on April 22nd, she announced that the order will likely […]


Factors that a judge considers in a move-away custody case

April 1, 2020
Posted in: Child Custody

You were in a once-happy marriage and relationship that appeared to have all the right ingredients to last a lifetime, and you built a foundation for a long and fulfilling future. But somewhere along the […]


Why do women seek divorce at a higher rate than men?

March 20, 2020
Posted in: Divorce

It is a generally known statistic that roughly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce but did you know that nearly 70 percent of those are initiated by women? And college-educated women […]


How to dissolve a domestic partnership or civil union in Michigan

March 18, 2020
Posted in: Michigan Law

When you find that perfect someone you want to spend your life with, the most common avenue in legal terms is through marriage. However, alternatives in today’s progressive world include civil unions and domestic partnerships. […]


Choosing between settlement and litigation in a Michigan divorce

March 13, 2020
Posted in: Divorce

The long-held tradition of marriage is one of life’s biggest moments for many people, with visions of happiness, wonderful moments, a family, and memories lasting a lifetime. Unfortunately, the storybook romance doesn’t always stick to […]


Why divorcing after retirement is costly

March 11, 2020
Posted in: Divorce

You and your spouse worked hard for decades, at one career or multiple, and diligently saved and invested toward that day you could finally retire. You had grand plans together to travel or move to […]


Visitation concerns in Michigan during the Coronavirus pandemic

March 6, 2020
Posted in: Firm News

In the past couple of months the world as we knew it virtually came to a standstill as the rapid-fire COVID virus continues to run roughshod over our economic, family, and social ways of life. […]


The importance of focusing on good co-parenting to help children after a divorce

March 4, 2020
Posted in: Divorce

As we are all seeing in shocking real time right now, things don’t always go as planned and life inevitably presents a roadblock or two. Marriages, for example, might start out as a fairytale gleam […]


Are There Ways to Increase Your Chance of Winning Custody in a Michigan Divorce?

February 28, 2020
Posted in: Child Custody, Divorce

As a parent, you want to be with your children as much as possible, watching them grow and guiding them through life so they can become smart, caring, and capable adults.  However, your spouse likely […]


Common Questions You Might Have when Considering the Option of Divorce in Michigan

February 21, 2020
Posted in: Divorce, Michigan Law

Divorce is a big decision, and one that you don’t want to take lightly.  If you’re considering divorce in Michigan, here are a few common questions you may need answered first. Is Divorce My Only […]