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The Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

With divorce being much more common than it was in years past, children of all ages are having to undergo the mental and emotional pain of seeing their parents divorce. No matter the age, divorce never gets easier.

More adult children are facing the emotional rollercoaster of watching their parents divorce. For parents, it can be particularly difficult to see children suffer and navigate these new changes.

Small Children Aren’t the Only Ones Who Suffer With Divorcing Parents

Divorce is life-changing for small children. The process can substantially impact younger kids, as they’re forced to live through mom and dad no longer being together. But the little ones aren’t the only ones who sustain mental and emotional trauma from divorce.

When older parents divorce, adult kids can go through the stages of grief and need some time to adjust to all of the sudden changes. It can arguably be even more difficult for adult children at times, as they have spent their entire lives living a certain way and enjoying the togetherness of their family unit.

Adult Children Are Often in the Middle

Younger children are often purposely left out of their parents’ divorce for obvious reasons. Parents try to spare their kids from further, unnecessary trauma. However, it’s not the same for adult children.

Adults have a better understanding, and parents don’t have to worry about shielding them from the ugly parts of divorce. For this reason, adult children are commonly placed in the middle of it all. They may be a parent’s confidant. They may also be called to testify or put in a position to support their newly divorced parents.

Financial Impacts of Divorce on Adult Children

A divorce can affect adult children financially as well.

First and foremost, a divorce may result in adult children losing financial support from their parents. If a kid is in college, for example, the cost and aftermath of a divorce can leave the child in a tough position monetarily.

Additionally, because of the substantial economic impact of divorce, adult children may need to provide financial support for their parents. This can strain adult children’s finances, especially if they have a spouse and kids to support.

Adult Children Suffer From a Loss of Stability

Adults with married parents are used to enjoying a solid family life. Divorce threatens that stability, making the future feel uncertain.

Divorce changes things; adults may need to cope with losing a home, steady family, and traditions. As family dynamics change, new traditions may need to replace old ones.

Getting the Support You Need

Divorce is never easy on anyone, including adult children. Fortunately, a skilled divorce attorney can help ensure your divorce case is handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible, allowing you and your family closure.

The family law attorneys at The Gucciardo Law Firm are ready to assist you. Contact us today to get started.

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