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5 Simple Ways To Lower The Cost Of Your Divorce

5 Simple Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Divorce

Splitting one household into two is not only emotionally taxing; it also means splitting expenses to support two homes instead of one, and often dealing with additional costs like alimony and/or child support.  In other words, divorce can be a costly affair.  This doesn’t even include the expense of the process itself, including court fees and hiring a lawyer.  The good news is, there are things you can do to reduce the costs of divorce and hopefully make the process a little less stressful.

  1. Provide needed information.  Your lawyer will need all kinds of documents related to marital assets and other legal concerns.  It’s in your best interest to provide these in a timely and organized fashion to save your lawyer the time and effort and lower costs in the process.  If you don’t have needed documents, track them down so your lawyer doesn’t have to.
  2. Make copies for your lawyer.  Rarely will your lawyer need original copies of documents – you should retain these for your own records.  If you provide your attorneys with originals, all you’re doing is making extra work for them since they have to make copies and return originals to you.  Remember that lawyers charge a minimum time for work, usually in 15-minute increments, and you don’t want to pay for easy stuff like photocopying that you can do on your own for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Try to be amicable.  Emotions run high during a divorce, and it’s easy to get bitter and vindictive.  If you do your best to drag out the process and antagonize your spouse, though, you’re only going to end up punishing yourself in the process.  The longer a divorce proceeding takes to complete, the more you’re going to pay in lawyer fees.  The same goes for making outrageous demands that your spouse won’t agree to and that a judge will likely find inequitable anyway.
  4. Listen to your attorney.  Your attorney’s main job is to help you navigate the tricky legal waters of divorce, and this includes advising you on the quickest and easiest way to complete the process and reach an equitable settlement.  If you stubbornly ignore your lawyer’s advice and insist on doing things your own way, chances are you’re simply going to drag out the process and create more problems.

A reputable lawyer will explain your options and advise you on the best course of action, but ultimately, he/she will abide by your decision (provided it is legal and ethical).  If you willfully refuse to follow advice, you’re the one who will pay in the long run.

  1. Ask about more ways to save.  A seasoned and reputable attorney wants to help you achieve the best possible outcome, and that includes coming out of your divorce with more than just the shirt on your back.  If you ask about what you can do to reduce costs throughout the process, your lawyer is sure to offer suggestions.

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