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Are Joint Vacations a Good Idea for Divorced Parents?

When a romantic relationship ends in divorce, adults find ways to cope with the loss and move on with their lives. When shared children are involved, splitting up is more complicated, especially when shared custody and co-parenting require adults to see each other and remain in communication for years to come.

Some families find ways to make it work. With the best interests of their children at heart, parents may be able to set aside their differences and co-parent effectively. They might even manage an amicable relationship that allows for joint activities like birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

But what about going on family vacations after divorce? A day spent together is one thing, but is it a good idea to plan a trip where you and your ex will be stuck together for several days? There are a few things you should consider first.

How Long Have You Been Divorced?

It’s not impossible for divorcing couples to avoid feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, disappointment, and regret, but these emotions are common, and they don’t go away overnight. When you continue to interact closely with your ex, it can reopen these wounds before they have time to heal, resulting in bad behavior that your kids shouldn’t witness.

If you feel confident that enough time has passed that you and your ex can get along, remain pleasant, have fun, and avoid crossing lines that may confuse your kids or give them false hope that you might reunite, then you may be ready for a joint vacation. If you’re not sure about any of these things, you should probably wait.

Are You or Your Spouse Dating or Remarried?

When planning a joint vacation, the situation may be complicated by new love interests. You’ll have to decide whether partners are allowed to join and consider what issues may arise if they come along.

If you and your spouse are both dating or remarried and everyone gets along, this could be a great opportunity for group bonding. If there is tension between adults, it will likely impact the vacation for everyone, including your kids.

Are You Comfortable Sharing Costs?

Financial problems are among the most common reasons for divorce. Whether you and your ex struggled with money issues or not, you need to have a frank discussion about trip costs before you start planning a joint vacation. Both of you need to agree on how the expenses will be split.

Are Your Kids Okay With a Joint Vacation?

Even if you, your spouse, and other adult partners are perfectly fine planning a joint vacation, you also need to determine whether your kids are comfortable with the situation. The best interests of your children should always be front and center in decisions that affect them, so keep their wishes and well-being in mind every step of the way.

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