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DIY Divorce

DIY Divorce: 3 Reasons It Could Cost You

Going through a divorce is a stressful experience for everyone. A divorce can be costly — both financially and emotionally — and the complexities of the legal process are liable to drive anyone off the deep end.

If you haven’t been to law school, you probably don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the nitty-gritty of obtaining a divorce. That’s why it’s exceptionally important to seek legal aid from a professional specializing in your case area as soon as possible.

Attempting a do-it-yourself divorce and forsaking legal counsel can be costly for you and your entire family. Here are 3 reasons that pursuing a DIY divorce could put you in a tough spot — potentially for many years to come:

1. No Legitimate Experience with Law

Many of those who are going through divorces are seduced by DIY websites that boast inexpensive, non-lawyer legal document preparers.

These legal document preparers are useful when it comes to the court forms involved in obtaining a divorce, which can include child support paperwork, alimony paperwork, court motions, hearing notices, and financial disclosures.

While this may sound appealing, you will be left in the lurch if something important goes wrong. While legal document preparers are well-versed in court forms, they are totally incapable of giving you legal advice.

They are also unable to negotiate for you, which is one of the chief benefits of seeking professional legal aid and can make a world of difference in your settlement.

2. You May Be Taken Advantage of

While going the DIY route might make a lot of sense to you, your partner may not feel the same way. You may have as much familiarity with the legal system as your partner, but you will have zero knowledge compared to their lawyer.

Going up against a professional with years of experience in divorce law could result in you getting far less than what you are legally entitled to. If you want a fair divorce, you need legal representation.

3. The Money You Think You’re Saving Might Be Spent in Other Ways

It is clear that the only reason to attempt a divorce without a professional’s assistance is to save money, but it is often the case that the process proves even costlier without professional help.

When accounting for legal fees and the reality of doing your own research — possibly necessitating time off from your job — the cost of going through a DIY divorce might be higher than expected.

Considering these costs, alongside the likelihood that your partner’s lawyer will win them a majority of the assets, the soundest way to save money in the long term is to hire an attorney today.

Seeking Legal Aid When Going Through a Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, you need to have representation from an appropriate legal professional.

All of your assets — as well as legal and physical custody of your children — are at stake, and trying to take shortcuts, avoiding spending money, or mishandling your divorce in some other way can affect you for the rest of your life — that’s no joke.

You must seek legal aid immediately if you are beginning or continuing the divorce process.

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