How Disagreements Between Parents Sharing Custody Get Resolved

How disagreements between parents sharing custody get resolved

Divorce is hard on couples. When kids are in the equation, divorce is often even harder. Along with deciding on who gets what in regard to material possessions, many Michigan parents often have to decide on custody arrangements and the decision is rarely easy.

Because the court places a high emphasis on the wellbeing of the children affected by the divorce, it is important that parents attempt to come to a custody agreement peacefully. Unfortunately, disagreements typically do not dissipate once a divorced couple decides to share custody of their children. Raising said children brings about new disagreements and when those disagreements emerge, it can become difficult to make child-related decisions as a team.

Resolving Disagreements
Even happily married couples have disagreements on how to raise their children; one parent wants their child in a Michigan public school, whereas the other parent is adamant on sending their child to private school. In regard to divorced parents, however, disagreements are more complicated. When a disagreement takes place and both parents are firm in their individual stances, how it is handled depends on a variety of factors.

Some divorced Michigan parents devise parenting plans when they agree on shared custody that outline situations in an attempt to preemptively solve disagreements before they occur. If, for example, the disagreement is in regard to a situation regarding the child’s health and one parent is a doctor, it would make sense for the medically trained professional to make the final decision if a joint decision cannot be reached.

If parents cannot come to a decision on their own regarding their specific disagreement, meeting with a Michigan-based mediator is another way to resolve disagreements without involving the courts. If mediation does not work, then the parents will have to submit their disagreement to the Michigan courts for a court-ordered resolution. This option is best avoided if at all possible as it can become costly and can cause unnecessary stress to the child or children affected by the disagreement.

Asking for Help
Disagreements are common among divorced parents. Rarely are they driven with selfish intent; more often than not, both parents think that their decision is the best decision for the wellbeing of their child. If a decision cannot be reached, another avenue worth considering is speaking with a family law attorney in Michigan.

Family law attorneys are well versed in child custody arrangements and have likely heard an array of disagreements over many topics. From schooling and healthcare to meat eating versus vegetarianism, having the ear of a family law attorney in Michigan that understands and empathizes with both parents is a great way to come to a final decision (or, at the very least, a worthwhile compromise).

If you and your ex-spouse are struggling to come to certain decisions regarding raising and caring for your children, contact the Michigan family law attorneys at The Gucciardo Law Firm to meet with a professional that can address your disagreements with understanding and tact. Call (248) 723-5190 today to set up a free consultation.

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