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How Important Is Personality Compatibility When Choosing My Family Lawyer

How Important Is Personality Compatibility When Choosing My Family Lawyer?

There’s no doubt that getting a divorce is one of the most difficult events a person may experience. Not to mention that finding the right divorce attorney in Michigan is a process that can add stress to an already overwhelming situation.

Keep in mind that the lawyer you choose to handle your case will be representing you for several months, if not longer Therefore, personality compatibility is extremely important when choosing a divorce attorney.

When you take time to pick the right lawyer to handle your divorce, it makes the process that much easier for both you and your family.

When researching attorneys to represent you in your divorce, make sure you choose someone with the following qualities:

Excellent Communication Skills

When choosing a Michigan divorce lawyer, it’s important to work with someone who can communicate clearly and openly. During your case, you will have certain questions and concerns that come up during the proceedings. You will need a competent attorney who is willing and able to clearly explain things to you regarding your case and to help manage your expectations.

You need a lawyer who listens well and can break down your case to you in a way that is easy to understand. They should also be able to communicate well with your spouse and the other attorney so that negotiations are as fruitful as possible.

Effective communication also means that your attorney should articulately and passionately represent your interests and argue on your behalf to the court. If your attorney does not possess excellent communication skills, you should continue your search.

Skill and Experience

When it comes to finding a divorce lawyer in Michigan, not just any attorney will do. Divorce cases are complex and often involve several aspects of your life including, family, finances, career, retirement, and other important factors. Your attorney should have the knowledge and skills to manage all the complexities of your case.

Be sure to work with a Michigan divorce attorney who has experience in divorce and family law and has dealt with other cases similar to yours.


A good divorce lawyer should be available during the key points in your case. They should be able to respond to your questions promptly and ensure you have access to proper alternative support if your attorney is busy working on another case.

While you should not expect to be the only client on the roster, you don’t want an attorney who is so busy with other cases that they don’t have time to work on yours.

Works Well Under Pressure

Your attorney’s ability to remain calm and focused can affect the outcome of your case. You must be sure that he or she is always representing your interests and can pivot a strategy as necessary while remaining cool, calm, and collected.

Finding a divorce attorney in Michigan shouldn’t be complicated. Cut out the guesswork and contact Gucciardo Family Law to get support from a team of attorneys and staff who will work hard to back your case and represent your interests.

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