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Post-Divorce Checklist

The Ultimate Post-Divorce Checklist for Finances

If you’re going through a divorce, you know it can be a long, drawn-out process. Shared assets and child custody can make a divorce even more complicated.

Reaching the end of the road in a divorce can be a moment of celebration — a time for new beginnings.

Follow this ultimate post-divorce checklist to ensure your finances are safe and accounted for after your divorce.

Name Updates

Change the names on any insurance policies, credit cards, bank accounts, and loans you might have.

These are all financial liabilities, and now that you won’t be sharing assets with your spouse, you need to ensure these payments and debts are accounted for individually.

Deeds and Titles

Ensure that any property has been transferred according to the conditions of your divorce.

The deeds and titles to homes, buildings, and land need to be updated to reflect your recent divorce.

Mortgages and Loans

Verify that any home loans and mortgages are updated to correspond with your divorce.

This could mean refinancing, if necessary.


In many cases, vehicles are a shared asset between spouses.

You must file the necessary title transfers and update vehicle ownership accordingly.

Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts

When you finalize your divorce, you must change any beneficiary designations across life insurance policies, pensions, and retirement plans.

Independent of your divorce paperwork, you still have to update the institutions that manage your insurance policies and retirement plans.

Estate Planning

If you and your spouse did any estate planning, you’ll need to make the appropriate changes to your will, powers of attorney, charitable donations, and related matters.

Bank Accounts

If you and your spouse had any shared checking, savings, or investment accounts, you need to submit the required forms to your financial institution to modify or close these accounts.

Most banks have streamlined options to make this process quick and easy for both parties.

Health Insurance

If you were insured by your spouse’s employer, you’ll need to take the appropriate steps to purchase your own health insurance or apply for COBRA in the interim.

If you have children, you must verify and update their health insurance in case the divorce affected their status or eligibility.

Tax and Financial Documents

You and your partner should exchange copies of any relevant tax returns, account statements, and previously shared assets.

Having this financial information will be helpful in case any issues arise after your divorce.

Child Support and Spousal Support

Verify that any child or spousal support agreements are in order.

It’s also wise to update your life insurance policy to function as security for these payments, should anything happen.

Credit Report

Obtain an updated copy of your credit report.

This can help you clear up any pending financial matters from when you were married and will ensure you aren’t surprised by any negative postings after your divorce.

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