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What Is the Best Time of Year to File for Divorce in Michigan?

In most areas of life, timing is everything — it even matters when you file for divorce. The process for obtaining a divorce in Michigan is the same whether you file in January, December, or any month. However, several practical considerations make a filing at certain times of the year more advantageous than others.

When deciding when to file for divorce, remember that it can take several weeks at best to complete a divorce in Michigan. For example, just because you file for divorce in March does not mean you will be granted your divorce that same month. The number and complexity of the issues to be resolved, and your ex’s willingness to negotiate, will all impact how long a divorce case will take to conclude.

Filing Early in the Year Can Make Financial Decisions Easier

One of the most basic tasks a Michigan court will undertake in a divorce proceeding is the equitable division of the marital estate. The court must set a child support obligation for the non-residential parent if you have children. Lastly, you or the other party may request the court to consider an award of spousal support. All these decisions require the court to attain an accurate picture of each party’s finances.

Many documents you must provide, such as W-2s and other financial statements, will be readily available in the first part of the year. Filing at this time means the court will have the most up-to-date picture of your assets and liabilities, which helps them make the necessary financial decisions.

Filing in the Spring or Summer May Be Best if You Have Children

If you and your ex have children in common, the divorce might require your child to switch to a new school. In such cases, you may want to delay filing your divorce so that your child can finish the school year in their present school. A later filing may also allow you to avoid rearranging summer camps or other plans involving your children.

Divorce and the accompanying changes will be challenging for any child, no matter when they occur. But allowing your child time to adjust to the changes rather than suddenly and majorly disrupting their routines may help them navigate the divorce more easily.

Whenever the Right Time Is, Gucciardo Family Law Is Ready

Gucciardo Family Law knows that timing the commencement of a divorce action can have significant implications — especially in situations involving spousal or child abuse or when a spouse wastes marital assets that call for a prompt divorce filing. We want to help you make the right decision for yourself and your children.

If you are contemplating divorce, we will review your situation’s details, including your concerns and objectives. If you decide divorce is the right choice for you, trust that we will be by your side to guide you every step of the way. Contact Gucciardo Family Law today to discuss this important decision.

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