Will Switching Jobs Affect Your Michigan Divorce Case

Will switching jobs affect your Michigan divorce case?

Divorce is full of emotions from anger to denial; sadness to resentment. At times some people wonder if it’s even happening; others wonder what took so long. You will likely try to understand what went wrong when it all seemed so right, and struggle to envision a future wildly different than where you are today.

In the midst of the emotional detritus, the rest of your life still hurls along at full speed and demands your attention. One of the most significant elements in your job and aside from it being difficult to focus at work during divorce, you may find yourself in a different job altogether. Will switching jobs affect your Michigan divorce case? Let’s look at what you should know to avoid unexpected challenges.

Your Job Makes a Difference

The stability of your job, tenure, salary, and potential future at the company play a big part in the outcome of a divorce. Income is of course a main component in a judge’s decision on child and spousal support; if you move to a different position within your company or change to an entirely new job, it factors heavily into what happens tomorrow. Be aware of the following:

Child support

If your family includes children, a court order will be issued declaring a specific monetary amount to be paid to or received by your soon to be ex. A big change in income might cause a corresponding change in that amount. And you’re not off the hook if a court order was not issued in the case; a job change might become a channel through which your current spouse seeks additional funds.

A job change might also affect the division of child custody and /or visitation parameters.

Spousal support

Monetary support paid to your spouse is often a point of contention in divorce cases and similar to child support, a court will rule based on existing employment status. If you are promoted to the top of your company during a pending divorce, the monthly support obligation will also change.

On the other hand, in both of the above components, if you change to a job earning less, it can have an impact on decreasing your monthly obligation or ceasing it completely.

Job Stability Reflects Your Character

Judges in Michigan divorce cases also look closely at the overall relationship picture, including character. If you’re a stalwart, 30-year veteran of your company, that could reflect positively in the case. However, bouncing between jobs like a kangaroo is a red flag for commitment and can hurt your outcome.

Impacts of Job Loss

Losing a job outright is never pleasant and brings its own challenges to divorce cases. If previously ordered support payments cannot be paid, it doesn’t nullify your obligation; you must petition the court to modify the order.

Remember that changing or losing a job does not automatically mean the court will make changes to custody or child support orders.

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